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Posted By on April 18, 2012

Digby Instore Experience

Mobile commerce is expected to increase tremendously this decade.  So it’s no surprise that mobile commerce startups are erupting all over the place.  One such company is worth taking note of: Digby.

Digby provides a mobile platform via smartphone apps to enhance the retail experience for shoppers.  By partnering with Digby, a retailer can provide a customized app for its customers that uses “geofencing” to do a variety of tasks.

These include:

  • Sending messages to customers who are in the vicinity of the store, prompting them to enter inside.
  • Sending a customized welcome message whenever customers enter the store.
  • Providing easy “check-in” features to loyal customers.
  • Barcode scanning for detailed information about a product, including customer ratings and product descriptions.
  • Sending a customized message whenever the customer leaves the store.

As I watched their promotional videos and read the descriptions of their services, already my ministry-minded brain began to turn its wheels.  What would it look like to use “geofencing” technology in your church?

I can think of several possibilities:

1) Customized worship messaging.  Imagine a worship service that is smartphone-enhanced.  As the pastor preaches the sermon, Scripture passages and/or interesting tidbits (tweet-sized of course) are sent to worshipper’s smartphones.  Already this exists with worship software like Proclaim from Logos Bible Software, but it could also be used in a branded app using something like Digby.

2) Guided tours for visitors.  Here I envision having a standing sign in front of the main entrance to the building that has a large QR Code on it (see image below), encouraging visitors to download the app.  The app would include a “tour” feature with a map of the building and certain highlighted spots to check out.  As the visitor goes to each of these areas (e.g., sanctuary, chapel, classroom, office, etc), they would encounter a small QR Code posted outside the door that, upon scanning, would provide interesting details.

qrcode sign

3) Incentives to come to church.  What if someone visited your church three months ago, but hasn’t been back since?  Well, perhaps an app could detect when they are in the church’s vicinity and offer them an incentive to stop in the next time worship is going on.  Perhaps it could be a coupon for a free cup of coffee or a $5 gas card – churches do this sort of thing all the time.  But with the geofencing technology it can be sent to them electronically and with the benefit of them being nearby, possibly increasing the chances they will take notice and cash it in.  Of course, they’d still have to have the app installed on their phone, but many people install apps and wait months before deleting it.  (At least I do!)

4) What else can you think of?  Is there a possibility for using this in your small group or Sunday School class?  How about youth ministry?

Leave a comment and let us know!

Learn more about Digby on the Digby website.

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