Should Your Church Have a Blog?

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In 2011, 300 million websites were added to the Internet. The volume of digital data floating in the sea of the Internet is creating a tsunami of information that is completely overwhelming. The World Wide Web has seeped its way into our lives and taken root like no other piece of technology ever has before. We find it at home, work and play. It’s on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

It. Is. Everywhere.

So, should a church even bother adding to all of this noise with a blog of their own?


Heck, yeah!

Your Church Should Have a Blog

Even if your church has made its way onto TwitterFacebook and has a dedicated website, my answer is still, “Yes, your church should have a blog.”
Jesus went to the masses and in case you haven’t noticed, the masses are online. That’s why your church should establish a solid online presence through Twitter, Facebook and a church website. We are in an age that if you’re not online, you don’t exist.

True story.

A blog is easily incorporated into a church website, so there really is no technical reason why you can’t add one. You don’t need unicorn horn dust to start a blog. In fact, the rumors are true, you can start one for free!

The church blog audience will more than likely be the congregation. It may be read and followed by those who are church shopping or generally interested, but that’s really just a great side effect and gives those not involved in your church community an idea of what your church is like.

So, don’t be boring!

Your Church Should Not Blog If …

If your church can’t pull-off at least one blog post per week, don’t even bother. Having a dead blog, a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a month, is worse than no blog at all.

Don’t be that church.

What Not to Blog About

First, let’s talk about what not to blog about, since that list is shorter and not nearly as fun as what you can blog about.

Do not blog about:

  • Upcoming church functions
  • Special event announcements
  • Church news
  • General information

See? This list wasn’t fun at all. Don’t blog about it!

A good rule of thumb is: If it goes in the church bulletin, then don’t blog about it.

Can you blog about attending a special event or function? Yes! Just remember that if you start using your church blog to spread general news and information, two things will happen:

  1. Readers will stop reading.
  2. You will get lazy and completely stop writing.

If you don’t use your church blog for actual blogging, your church blog will turn into an electronic bulletin. Put that kind of information somewhere else on your website or in the church bulletin that no one reads because it’s, well, boring.

What to Blog About

There are so many things you can blog about and there are so many benefits to be reaped! A church blog isn’t about web traffic, SEO and all those other buzz terms you hear about in the blogging world, it’s about building community, sparking conversations, creating interest and developing connections between church members.

There are also rumors that blogging can be fun.

Here’s just a few things you can post to your church blog:

  • Testimonies
  • Funny stories from church functions
  • Deeper insight into Sunday’s sermon
  • A re-cap of Sunday’s sermon
  • Parenting ideas and tips
  • Marriage pointers
  • Awesome YouTube videos
  • Helpful, insightful and fun links
  • More!

So Who’s Going to Write this Stuff?

Pastors, elders, deacons, leadership and church staff are perfect for the task and it’s a great way for the congregation to get to know them. Make sure you have a few different dedicated writers who post regularly and manage content, and then reach out to the congregation for guest posts. Guest posting is always a good idea, plus, “many writers make blogging light.” Unless you have a real shortage of Internet users in your congregation, I guarantee that your church has more bloggers in it than you may even realize.

How Often Should There Be New Posts?

First, make a decision of how often you want new posts on the church blog.

  • Once a week?
  • Three times a week?
  • Five times a week?
  • Every day?

Make sure you keep it within reason, don’t overwhelm your writers or readership!
This is fun, remember?

You’re better off to plan for less and schedule posts for future dates. It’s better to be consistent, and you can always increase the frequency later. The excitement and newness of a blog will wear off over time.

Blogging is a marathon!

Just Get Started!

As you start your church blog or re-vitalize your current one, be sure you don’t overlook people. Bloggers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities, all contributing with different voices in different ways. A funny YouTube video is just as suited for a church blog as a 1,500 word post on deep theological views.

Don’t be short sided, don’t give up, and start your church blog, today!


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