Website Setup

With your installation complete, it’s time to set up WordPress so it will work the way you want it to work. As you change various settings, it is recommended you view how those changes impact your site by frequently clicking the View Site link at the top of the Administration Screen. Though you may choose to do these steps in any order, your site will cause you fewer problems if you proceed in the following order:



Step 1: Users

  • Administration > Users > Your Profile – detail the information about you
  • Administration > Users > Add New – add users and authors who will be using your site, if applicable

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

Change Password on the Your Profile Page



Step 2: Settings

  • Administration > Settings > General – set your site name and other site information
  • Administration > Settings > Writing – set the options of your Write Post screen
  • Administration > Settings > Reading – set how many posts to show on the front page and in categories and your feed requirements
  • Administration > Settings > Discussion – turn on or off comments and set how to handle them

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard



Step 3: Posts

  • Administration > Posts > Categories – add a few categories so have a list to pick from when you write your first post
  • Administration > Posts > Posts – after you have written a few posts, this is where you will manage them by editing or deleting
  • Administration > Posts > Add New – start adding content to your site
  • Writing Posts – step-by-step instructions on writing posts

Add New Post

Editing Posts or Pages



Step 4: Appearance

  • Administration > Appearance > Themes – maybe change the look of your site?

Change Theme



Step 5: Pages

  • Administration > Page > Pages – add a Page or two like “About Us” or “Contact Me”

Add New Page

Editing Posts or Pages



Step 6: Comments

  • Introduction to Dealing with Comment Spam
  • Moderating Comments

Approving and Editing Comments



Step 7: Links

  • Administration > Links > Links SubPanel – Managing your links

Edit Links

Introduction to Link Categories

Take time to explore the WordPress Codex site, the official documentation site for WordPress. You’ll also find helpful information by reading WordPress Lessons.

  • WordPress in Languages Other than English

Presentation and Themes

Changing the look of your WordPress website is possible with just a few clicks.

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